Maian is a family name, and the name of the main protagonists of the story. The House of Maian was founded by Maian the Brave. It is a knightly house, which produced main great knights of the realm.

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Maian the BraveEdit

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Maian the Brave is the legendary founder of the Maian family. Not all believe he actually existed. He used the name Faize Maian when he started his crusade against Felicia Rand Philistine. Originally, his name was Layt Mia Delta when he was a disciple of Felicia's.


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Alcof Maian is the grandfather of the primary main protagonist, Felix Maian. He is the father of Redin Maian.


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See Maian the Brave

Faize Maian is the name adopted by Maian the Brave, after he stars his crusade against Felicia Rand Philistine. He is the founder of the House of Maian.


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Felix IEdit

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Felix Maian I is the primary main protagonist of The Legend of Maian manhwa. He is the son of Redin Maian and grandson of Alcof Maian, descendant of Maian the Brave, elder brother to Lance Maian, and uncle to his namesake Felix II Maian.

Felix IIEdit

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Felix Maian II is the son of Lance Maian and Winia Roland Maian. He is named after his uncle Felix Maian I.


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Redin Maian is the son of Alcof Maian, and the father to Lance Maian and Felix I Maian.


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'Ruby Maian is the name adopted by Ruby after she starts accompanying Felix around trying to find Felicia Rand Philistine, when Felix adopts her into his family, as he has become her owner.


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Winia Roland Maian is the wife of Lance Maian and mother of Felix II Maian. She was the romantic target of Felix I Maian before he became obsessed with Felicia Rand Philistine.

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