Felicia Rand Philistine
Coloured Felicia Rand Philistine
Goddess of Evil


Over 1000 year's old


Eleven Knights of Regers
Felix Maian







First Appearance

Juhnhwan (The Transfer)

Intotroduction Edit

The greatest Goddess of Evil, Felicia Rand Philistine, also called the Millennium Witch, or Evil Witch who brought terror and destruction unto the land of Shuitria. She has great powers of Madara (Magic) and led an army of eleven Knights of Regis and creatures of the Land of Demons. She lost to the Hero, Maian, and was thought to have died, but was actually bound by the seal of existence and was forced into a deep sleep for 1,000 years.

A thousand years later Felix Maian has just probably made the biggest mistake of his life when he releases the sealed sorceress that his ancestors had tried so hard to imprison. Due to this blunder by Felix, she is awakened into the current world.


Felicia Rand Philistine is a tall, long straight-blond hair reaching down to her hips. Physical trait is her slender yet surprisingly developed and curvaceous-frame for a young girl, especially her well-endowed breasts. Her hair is normally tied up into a high pony-tail. She is normally wearing her Duering-Armor, consisting of a top and a coat.


In history books she is always described as the evil witch, and said to have been aiming for world domination, a cruel, heartless woman. But in reality she is deeply caring about her companions, very trusting and loyal. She wanted to rule the world to bring equality to all the people on the world.

She is also a bit awkward about her feelings, when it comes to Felix Maian, likes to drink lots of alcohol, and is a bit of an exhibitionist, although she denies that.

She is rather full of herself, calling herself: 'my great self', bossy and a bit cranky.

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